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At Holtmann Professional Services, we are well-versed at discovering the best talents and grooming dedicated minds for peak performance. Our process involves coached conversations, mentoring, and team function/dysfunctions.

These strategies equip you with methods of quickly identifying behaviors and moderating your own leadership style to build maximum engagement.


Coaching You

How would you like to discover your deepest strengths and channel this insight into building a stronger reputation as a leader? With our top-notch coaching services, we help you stay grounded in your development potential by turning your strengths into influence and practicing excellence in leadership.

At Holtmann Professional Services, our goal is to unlock your potential, lift engagement and boost your performance. Our services range from organisational executive coaching for individuals, teams, and organisations in a supported environment to increase leadership performance, retention, and professional development.

We believe that a structured approach to analyzing current performance and future potential ensures that your expectations are managed and outcomes achieved. Creating a dynamic and focused environment is our specialty.

Coaching Your Team

Help your team build accountability, group skills, and teamwork by learning how to create the perfect atmosphere for it. We work in a group context to implement practical and real-world applications of learning after completion of coaching.

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It is well known that the performance of your team is largely dependent on your skill set as a leader. As an organisational leader, manager or small business owner, you must ensure that your team, group, and peers continue to reach new goals and build successes even after your coaching with us has ended.

Through our leadership coaching, we equip you with powerful behavioral tools to boost your leadership ability in order to understand your workers’ behaviors, learn what motivates them and utilize this insight to improve their focus and direction. These tools include;

  • Change management
  • Culture change orientation
  • Team dynamics development
  • Innovation
  • Merger & acquisition assimilation

Using the techniques of coached conversations, mentoring and team functions/dysfunctions, you will learn how to identify behaviors and moderate these attributes to build maximum engagement.

We understand that leadership can be difficult and making change through leadership can be equally demanding. With the right coaching for sustainability, we will provide you with increased efficiency of energy for the modern work environment.

holtmann professional services page banner

Most teams never reach their maximum potential as they continue to follow well-worn desire lines.

Would you like to break away from this rut in your career, project, team, and even leadership?

People always find a need to establish trust through information and communication before committing, this means you must show Courage and Commitment; Maintaining trust and following the desire to reach your goal requires Confidence and Passion.

Our strong suit is helping you discover how to bring others along the journey by inspiring likeability, trustworthiness, and empowerment. We dig down deep and help you discover your own personal attributes that make you a leader.