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“Besides being a highly competent professional, Peter has key characteristics for leading a global organization: a passion for what he does, real interest about cultural diversity and a strong ability to inspire his team to pursue results. It is a privilege to have the opportunity to share and learn from him.”

– Carmen Zabaleta – Consultant, Auditor, and Mentor

“Peter’s extremely deep knowledge base and international experience gives him laser accuracy in identifying strategic challenges in an organisation. His innovative approach to developing solutions to problems coupled with his world-class speaking skills makes his consulting recommendations valuable and transferable at every level. Peter has an incredible depth of knowledge in the area of leadership, strategy and team development. He is one of the top thought leaders in his profession. Personally, Peter is a good person who can relate to good people, has a great sense of humour and an attitude for life that is contagious.”

– Karen Keller – Karen Keller International Inc.

“Peter has applied his vast experience and professional approach to many high-risk systems and processes. Peter’s approach enables a business to make sound decisions around potentially serious issues with a great deal of confidence. I would recommend Peter to any organisation.”

– Tim Norris – Cornerstone Risk Solutions

“Peter has been my mentor for over 12 years since he hired me as his marketing junior as a 20-year-old. I can honestly say that without Peter’s leadership and support, even after I moved on to other employment, I wouldn’t be where I am today – owning and running my own business. Peter has a keen eye for seeing talent and ability where others may not and is an expert in encouraging one to harness it and believe in their ability to achieve. I have no doubt that these qualities I’ve enjoyed for over a decade extend to the immense list of skills and services he is offering through Holtmann Professional Services – or in any capacity, Peter may apply himself.”

– Nicole Thompson – Freelance Graphic Designer/Web Designer

“Peter is a remarkably gifted and visionary leader. He enjoys a keen strategic mind, unbounded energy, and a hard-earned understanding of the global business environment. He understands the world of for-profit and nonprofit and the complex world of shared leadership with a Board of Directors.”

– Paul Borawski – Vernal Management Consultants

“Pete is a detail-oriented business person that can understand pretty fast new environments, cultures, and markets. His deep experience in personnel certification and food safety is an asset. He can operate smoothly and with high team spirit in a national or international environment.
Pete’s professional traits include: Ability to communicate, intelligence, self-reliance, initiative, flexibility, willingness to accept responsibility, energy level, direction, interpersonal skills, ability to effectively handle conflict, teamwork, level of commitment, ability to lead.”

– George Anastasopoulos – IAS


“It is making a difference already – the team really are looking at the flyers and wording of promotions – so it was a good investment for us.”

– Kerry Palejs – LEAD