About Peter Holtmann


eter Holtmann is a visionary business leader who is passionate about coaching management teams that seek to drive innovation and inspire their communities in pursuit of their unique causes, visions and missions.

      Formerly the President and CEO of a global non-profit, Peter has “ticked all the big boxes” that relate to business management, including company restructuring and rebranding, navigating mergers and acquisitions, coaching individuals into leadership roles, and managing organisational change. Peter’s ability to network, create influence, and think critically has assisted many organisations with successfully navigating the early stages of business, expanding their influence, and helping them to connect with new markets.

By applying risk management principles to business practise, he has been able to assist a wide variety of communities and industry sectors with achieving their goals – from the highest levels of national governance to the daily pursuits of “the individual”.

Peter Holtmann - Founder and Managing Director of HPS


Peter has coached internationally, in the US, Brazil, South Korea, and Australia in industries such as conformity assessment, professional service firms and multi-lateral public service organisations. He has worked with well-known international non-profits as well as the private sector. Peter has spent hundreds of hours facilitating the development of senior leaders in organisations helping them build strategy, influence cultural change, and foster an open communication style.

Peter’s successful background and variety of industry experience has earned him the privilege of speaking at many global conferences, as well as the opportunity to write for several professional journals on matters related to personnel competence, career pathways and the science of human potential for development.


Peter quickly establishes an environment of trust and partnership whereby views are shared as equals. His international and wide-ranging background adds diversity and depth to his facilitation and coaching practice. As a facilitator, Peter’s style is strong and challenging that delivers rewarding outcomes to those who undertake the effort to look critically at themselves and drive for personal growth. He has worked with senior leadership teams across Asia, Latin America, North America and Australia to deliver success in diverse organisations.

According to Peter, “Motivation is everything, passion is essential, and commitment is not an option –  great leadership is an expression of these ingredients”. Whether you need sound business advice, leadership coaching, personal development, or all of the above – Holtmann Professional Services will guide you on your path to developing a better business. 

Peter Holtmann is the Founder and Managing Director of Holtman Professional Services Pty Ltd.  Peter has attained his certification as an Organisational and Executive Coach from the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership, a credential that compliments his years of experience mentoring, coaching and consulting to Boards, Senior Executives, Managers and future talent. 

If you are interested in working with Peter, please reach out to enquiries@holtmann.com.au.