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Let us help you chart the right course for your vision

If you are a business owner, business leader, entrepreneur or a business executive, then you are definitely well informed on the relevance of knowing your goals.

The big questions are; Are you entirely decided on the reasons why you chose that goal? Do you have the blueprint that leads you to its attainment?

As industry experts, our job is to develop your passion, mission and key strategies by facilitating an executive retreat aimed at documenting and focusing the purpose of your work.

We help you socialize and document the risk appetite of the Board and the Business. We also work with you to implement tools and techniques to identify, analyze and treat risk.


Non-profit support: Helping Boards, Business Owners and Business Leaders build organizations that are innovative and successful

The value of business acumen cannot be underestimated when building a voluntary, discretionary third sector. This need for sustainability is especially vital in NGO’s and non-profit organizations.

At Holtmann Professional Services, we offer a comprehensive range of consulting programs designed to help you attain the commercial savviness and sophistication needed to help you forge new paths.

We help you build courage, confidence and initiative; three qualities that are very essential amongst modern third sector leaders.

At Holtmann, we are very aware of the needs of your industry and our team consists of experts and professionals that can partner with you in all facets of merger, acquisition and integration of cultures. We can assess governance practiced and mentor Boards to deliver on modern boardroom practices.

Using over 15 years of Third Sector experience we will work closely with you and your Board to establish governance practices to drive client-centric focus and deliver compliant outcomes.


Transform your strategies into actionable plans that gets the job done

Are you aware that most teams fail in their pursuits as a result of an inability to mitigate risks?

Working with us equips you with a clear path that shows you how to arrive at your goal. Your path to a goal often involves risks and requires courage, empowerment and confidence.

How then do you navigate this rather fast-paced terrain and ensure that your drive pushes you to your goal?

Using our expertise, we will guide your management team through the process of setting tactics to achieve strategy, ensuring vision is centered in your sights.


We help you design your own unique principles for excellence

Why are some businesses better at managing their relationships with customers compared to their competitors?

The reason for this is because they have a defined set of guiding principles and operational processes that form the ‘DNA’ of their daily operation, implementing technology that supports this rather than defining it.

We study the industry best practices and utilize powerful and extensive Customer Relationship Management experiences (good and bad) to map out a set of unique principles of excellence for your organization.

By working with your team leaders, we help you transition from your current state to your idea of success. We are unrivalled in our ability to implement and upgrade current CRM technology.