How would you like to discover your deepest strengths and channel this insight into building a stronger reputation as a leader? With our top-notch coaching services, we help you stay grounded in your development by turning your strengths into influence and practicing excellence in leadership.

Take a look at some of our expert coaching styles below to get a sense of how we can assist you, whatever your career and leadership goals might be.


As a newly appointed executive, you will be naturally eager to demonstrate outcomes and achieve high-level performance. The risk in being new is that you may create disruption or unsettle employees and senior relationships by being too focussed on your own performance.

90-day coaching is about ensuring that you take the necessary time to look, listen, and discuss expectations with your coach and your employer. Our goal is ensuring a smooth entry to the role, and creating a balanced and productive integration into the corporate culture. We will work intensively on building a deeper insight into the organisation through coached conversations and appreciative inquiry.


Inevitably, there comes a time when leaders must move on from roles. Leaving your company with a great succession plan and positive legacy is important. Working on the timeline for exit, together we will reverse engineer the actions and outcomes required to successfully leave your role and implant the new leader.

Having a coach to keep you accountable for your plans and actions toward the exit date transforms the often emotional and stressful process of exiting into supportive and positive one. Our coaching provides a discreet, personal and impartial role in helping you establish your plans before communicating your intentions internally.


We have a proven record in working with the aspiring executive through a pathway of self-development. This pathway involves assessing knowledge, skill and attribute and aligns this to the intended future career goal. Knowing where you are wanting to land your career and when is a vital part of building a focussed program that moves you toward success.


DiSC is a reflective and practical approach to moderating your approach to your work and others. Often just knowing if you are Dominant, Influential, Steady or Conscientious will help you analyze past experiences and outcomes, and provide you with a set of markers to build a more inclusive and comprehensive style of interaction. 


Almost every organisation has a series of people that come together to form teams to produce a shared outcome. Often the makeup and behaviours of this team can be effective or actively drive against performance and productivity. Using the teachings of Patrick Lencioni we explore the team dynamics and build techniques to reinforce the best behaviours of a team focussed on trust, healthy conflict, , commitment, accountability and results. This is an essential series of workshops for newly established teams, projects, the new executive and their team, and Boards.


An effective leader cannot make impact, build engagement and close deals, or even hold successful job interviews, without the power of influence. Knowing what to negotiate on and what to hold the line; practising the ability to engage consciously and subconsciously; reframing positions to avoid or defuse conflict; and building the perfect delivery to engage others in change are all abilities that can be coached. Together we look at your native style for communication and critical thinking and tune it in to audience; we practice and review until we have the right mix of ideas, facts and emotions to create powerful influence.