So you’re a coach – what do you do exactly

In recent conversations with the “interested bystander” I have had to answer the key question “what exactly does a coach do?”.  Let me give the inside running by using a typical day for me.

3am, get up and go to site. Sit with someone, who has low confidence in their abilities, and begin building up their self worth.

6am, move to a field activity and try to work with someone, who would prefer if you never existed on this earth, whilst adding some value to their ability to communicate with others in a way that doesn’t seem rude.

9am, meet with new employee and describe how the work I am doing is not linked to their bonus (directly) or their immediate employment.

10am, meet with a high potential leader who challenges your questioning logic at every turn, work to help realise that their listening skills are lacking.

12pm, meet with the team’s manager who has 250 burning issues on their plate and wants the 30 second wrap up of the team’s capabilities and what I am doing to improve it. I give my offerings and move on.

2pm, meet with a strong leader who has low emotional awareness and wonders why his team finds him negative. I use all my skills to try and show them that it’s ok to be human and recognise achievement. Having some faith it is working, I move on.

4pm, begin the process of writing up development plans, find inspiring articles and resources to share with the days participants, wonder how I am going to service my other corporates, and fit in some healthiness.

7pm, meet with a fellow coach who is experiencing some challenges in their role and work them through the situation. Leave them feeling better than when I found them.

9pm, turn off the laptop, draw breath, reflect on my own leadership efforts for the day.

9:30pm, give myself a pat on the back for surviving the day and still believing I add value. Head for the bed.

This is what coaches do, we help you shoulder the burden of responsibility so that one day you can lift your own weight and perhaps that of others…..

I love my work!

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About the author

Peter is the founder and Director of Holtmann Professional Services, a global provider of executive coaching, business excellence consulting and career path development. Peter has 20 years of experience in executive roles and has been the President and CEO of a global Non-profit. Peter has written for many journals and blogs, is a keynote speaker and is a champion of prosperity through excellence of leadership.

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