Business Excellence Awards, how does your organisation stack up?

Just do a quick Google search and it seems that the appetite for business awards through the promotion of business excellence is still strong. The idea of an evening of entertainment, dressing up, networking and being recognized amongst your peer group, still appeals to many business owners. For these businesses both small and large, awards can make a powerful statement to their customers and stakeholders of business excellence, achieved through the adoption of improvement processes.

As businesses we now operate in an ever more interconnected world where social influence on brands wealds great power, where David’s can take down Goliath’s from the comfort of their chair. Therefore from a social perspective, adoption of a business excellence program allows your brand to become recognized as being truly ‘excellent’. Building on your brands social integrity and resilience.  Regardless of the ‘improvement’ program you end up choosing, the key point is that your demonstrating a commitment to quality over and above the accepted ‘norm’. However the question is how best to do this and most importantly how to be genuine in your desire and aspiration to become excellent. After-all this has to be done as a team and led from the top down. A range of formal excellence programs exist based on national or international frameworks.  The Baldridge Program and the Australian Business Excellence Framework (ABEF) are two respected examples of such programs. Both by the way can be tailored for the size of your organisation.

Business partner of HPS and fellow quality advocate, Dawn Ringrose, is Principal at Organizational Excellence Specialists. Dawn currently serves on the Global Benchmarking Network and ASQ (American Society Quality) Organizational Excellence Technical Committee and has agreed to Chair a Canadian ISO Committee that will develop guidelines to implement an excellence model and related ISO standards. Someone who knows a lot about this stuff! Dawn comments “I first learned about excellence models in 1990 when the inaugural excellence models were being published. It was like striking gold. The models were based on global research that defined the principles and best management practices of high performing organizations and provided a platform for long-term organizational success. I have been passionate about excellence models since that time and have really enjoyed working with organizations across sectors to successfully implement an excellence model. Some of these organizations have earned national excellence awards”

I had the pleasure in interviewing Dawn as part of writing this blog.  You can listen to our full interview here. Dawns offers some compelling reasons as to why excellence programs can not only improve your brands social standing but also you bottom line. Dawn also invites you to find out how you currently benchmark against global business excellence standards.  You never know, that award may be just around the corner!

Does business excellence really matter? Yes absolutely it does but organisations like ours need to do more to promote its merits. Get informed by listening to my interview with Dawn, see how you currently stack up by completing this complimentary online assessment and then let’s start a conversation. I promise there are no ‘catches’ in these links, we simply want to educate and inform. If you want to connect and start a conversation our contact details are below.

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Based in Sydney, Australia, Edward Balfour is an Associate with HPS. The views contained within this article are expressly the sole opinion of the author unless otherwise stated. April 2018.

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