Holtmann Professional Services Pty Ltd (HPS) started in 2011, in Sydney Australia, as a specialised consulting business for risk and quality systems. Today HPS offers training, coaching and consulting to a suite of global clients including the non-profit (third sector), local government, social services and corporate multinationals.

Our vision, is the belief that when we share our experiences and skills with you, we improve your capabilities to create and achieve your goals.

Our mission:

  • We create long-lasting partnerships fostering a trusting environment;
  • We train, consult and coach for growth by challenging you and your business; and
  • We help you celebrate growth to sustain confidence leading to best practice.

HPS has experience delivering training, consulting and coaching services in Australia, Asia, North America, Canada, South America and the Middle East. These experiences are distilled and focused into every client offering.

Our aim at HPS is to ensure you have the systems, competencies and capabilities to create, enact and respond strategically.

Capability Matrix

Strategic planning
Risk awareness
Business capability awareness
Team management
Advanced leadership skills
Business planning and enactment
Risk planning & assessment
Performance management
Interpersonal skills
Empowered leadership
Risk management
COACHINGExecutive leadership
Career development
Personal goals achievement
Team dynamics
Frontline leadership
Talent development
Team skills
Project management
CONSULTATIONVision and mission alignment
Strategy, tactic & goal setting
Business plan review
Blue sky and future-thinking facilitation
Board level risk management
Non-profit governance consultation
Tactic deployment
Balanced score card implementation
Business plan performance & reporting
Business partnerships & development
Communicating the business plan & stakeholder engagement
Non-profit management
Business management systems implementation
Business excellence assessments
Risk management system creation
Risk assessments
Business continuity & crisis management
Non-profit performance systems